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A passport is a document issued by the federal government to a citizen of a country. A passport is a document that identifies and acquires a person’s name, date of birth, husband, address, and place of birth. The purpose of the passport is to determine the owner of the document. For Indians, the navy blue passport is renewed once every 10 years.

Types of Passport

1. Ordinary Passport: An ordinary passport is dark blue in color and is issued for general travel or business trips. Diplomatic Passport: The cover of the

2.Diplomatic Passport is maroon in colour. It is issued only to Indian diplomats, diplomatic couriers or top-ranking government officials.

3. Official Passports: In addition to navy blue and maroon passports, the Government of India also issues a white covered passport to persons who are representing the Government of India on official business.

Following are the documents required for the passport of adult
1.Proof Of Present Address
2.Proof Of Date Of Birth
3.Documentary proof for anyone of the Non-ECR categories i.e.-10th Passing certificate
Fees and Charges

Tatkal Passport Fees and Charges :

Tatkaal Category for Adults : Rs 3500 Fee + Rs 499 Service Charge = Rs 3999

Tatkaal Category for Child Passport : Rs 3000 Fee + Rs 499 Service Charge = Rs 3499

Time: 3-4 working days post appointment

Regular Passport Fees and Charges :

Regular Category for Adults : Rs 1500 Fee + Rs 499 Service Charge = Rs 1999

Regular Category for Child Passport : Rs 1000 Fee + Rs 499 Service Charge = Rs 1499 

Time: 20-25 working days post appointment

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Approximate time
21-30 days, vary from case to case.
Inclusions & Exclusions
  1. Doing a Correct and Accurate Documentation
  2. Filing of application for passport
  3. Taking appointment a convenient time slot
  4. Tracking the passport status
  5. Updating/informing the customers about the application progress
WHAT ARE THE CATEGORIES OF PASSPORT (on education background)?

ECR :- If an individual is going to apply for a passport and don't have 10th Certificate not studied at all that case. He or she will come under the category of ECR- Passport 

Non -ECR:- have an education document of 10th and above comes under NON-ECR.


Steps for passport Application
1 Submission of the completed application form by applicant or consultant
2 Deposit of requisite fee and appointment scheduling
3 Original Document verification in the passport Seva Kendra
4 Police verification
5 Delivery of passport

Proof of Date of Birth (DOB)
Proof of Address

List of acceptable documents:
1 Water Bill
2 Telephone (landline or post paid mobile bill)
3 Electricity bill
4 Income Tax Assessment Order
5 Election Commission Photo ID card
6 Proof of Gas Connection
7 Certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letterhead
8 Spouse's passport copy
9 Parent's passport copy
10 Aadhaar Card
11 Registered Rent Agreement
12 Photo Passbook of running Bank Account

Document Require For Passport Non-ECR

All Persons Having Educational Qualifications Of Matriculation And Above Matriculation Or Higher Educational Pass Certificate

·  All Persons Above The Age Of 50 Year

I) Birth Certificate Issued By The Municipal Authority Or Any Office Authorized To Issue Birth And Death Certificate By The Registrar Of Births & Deaths

 ii) School Leaving Certificate / Secondary School Leaving Certificate/ Certificate Of Recognized Boards From The School Last Attended By The Applicant Or Any Other Recognized Educational Institution

iii) Proof Of Assessment Of Income Tax And Actual Payment Of Income Tax For Last Three Year For More Than 5.5 Lacs /Yr

  • Adress Proof 
  • Birth Certificate/Date of Birth Proof 
  • Marriage Registration Certificate / Affidavit

Passport is issued in the name of Superintendent, Regional Passport Office and in case issued from Delhi, it would be New Delhi or concerned state.

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