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An introduction aBOUT Name Change Gazette Notification

A name change gazette notification is like an official announcement made by the government or authorities. It is used when someone decides to change their name legally, and they want to tell everyone about it. The notification is published in a special government publication called the gazette.

The main purpose of this notification is to provide proof that the person’s name has officially changed. This is important for various official purposes, like updating identification documents (such as passports, driver’s licenses) and records (like school or work records) with the new name. It helps ensure that the new name is recognized and accepted by everyone, especially when dealing with legal or administrative matters.

Supporting Documents You Need To Get Your Name Changed Via Gazette Notification process:

The required supporting documents for the name change gazette notification process may vary depending on the specific country or region you are in. However, here are some common documents that are typically needed:

  1. Name Change Application Form: You will need to fill out a form requesting the name change. This form may be available online or at the government office handling name change requests.

  2. Identity Proof: You’ll need to provide identification documents like a valid passport, driver’s license, or national ID card to verify your current name.

  3. Address Proof: Documents showing your current address, such as utility bills, bank statements, or a rental agreement.

  4. Affidavit: An affidavit stating your intention to change your name and the reasons for doing so. This is a legal statement made in front of a notary or magistrate.

  5. Newspaper Advertisement: In some places, you might be required to publish a notice of your name change in a local newspaper. You’ll need to provide a copy of the published advertisement as proof.

  6. Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree (if applicable): If the name change is due to marriage or divorce, you’ll need to submit the relevant certificate or decree.

  7. Deed Poll or Court Order (if applicable): In certain cases, like a legal name change unrelated to marriage or divorce, a deed poll or court order might be required to support your request.

  8. Passport-sized Photographs: You may need a few passport-sized photographs as per the requirements of the name change office.

  9. Processing Fee: There could be a fee associated with the name change process that you need to pay during application submission.

It’s essential to check with the local government office or authority responsible for name changes to get the precise list of required documents and their specific guidelines. This will ensure a smooth and successful name change gazette notification process

How to Apply for Change of Name in Gazette using our services

1. Look for services and submit a service enquiry request.

2. Discuss your needs with our service representative over the phone.

3. share required documents to place your order via email.

4. Receive cost and timeline within 24 hours. Email alters will be sent to the registered email address.

5. Make initial payment using a secure payment gateway (PayPal or Razorpay or Debit/Credit Cards issued by any country).

6. Receive constant communication from the Trust Documentation Services’ team throughout the order processing

7. Once the purchase is done, you will get a disguised copy of the certificate by email or WhatsApp.

8. International orders now incur shipping costs (domestic purchases are free).

9. Documents are permanently erased from the email when the service is completed.

Procedure to Follow When Applying for Name Change In Gazette (Self)

The process of changing one’s name consists of the following stages: submitting an affidavit; having an announcement about the name change published in a newspaper; and having a notification about the name change published in the Gazette of India. In order to proceed with these steps, the applicant will be required to present specific documents that have been authenticated by a Judicial Magistrate or Notary.

First, an affidavit of name change needs to be created.
Create an affidavit with the assistance of a legal professional. Details such as your old name, proposed new name, the reason for the name change (marriage, legal, numerology, etc.), and address should be included in this affidavit. Get the affidavit printed on stamp paper, and then have it signed in the appropriate places by two witnesses. Pay a visit to a notary in order to have the affidavit notarized.

The second step is to publish an advertisement.
You should place an advertisement in both a local and a national newspaper informing readers about the new name. In the files section, you’ll find an example of the advertisement that was attached there.

Publication of the Gazette, Stage 3 of the Procedure for Naming Change Gazette
Send the completed application and any supporting documents to the Department of Publication in order to change your name and have it published in the Official Gazette. Following receipt of your application for a name change, the change will be published in the Official Gazette within the next week. Daily monitoring of the publication is going to be performed by us. After the Official Gazette has been printed, a hard copy will be forwarded to you via courier shortly after its release. The procedure to change your name may seem simple, but the details and intricacies can be challenging. In order to successfully change your name, you will need to be familiar with the legal procedure and make multiple trips to a variety of government offices. Contact MyAdvo if you want to make the process of changing your name as seamless as possible. We will offer you all the necessary help and assistance, and we will make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

Why you should choose us for your Name Change Gazette Notification Work

Expertise and Experience: Take advantage of our seasoned professionals who have in-depth knowledge and proficiency in managing a variety of document types.

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Take note of the following:

The client should provide us with all the required information and documents, and we will help them get their name change application processed .

The estimated timeline we give is based on our experience, but there might be delays due to things like bad weather, universities closing, holidays, or officers being away. We will try our best to complete the order as fast as we can.

Depending on the Change in Name, there might be additional documents needed.

Fees Plus Services Charges

Once you share required documents for your Name Change work, we’ll work closely with the The Department of Publication to evaluate the cost, feasibility, and timeline for the service you’ve requested. Rest assured, the initial quote we provide will remain fixed throughout the entire process.
Costs and timelines may vary based on the city you’re in or city you wish to get the work done from and other unique factors. To give you a general idea, please connect with our service executive so he/she can provide the approximate costing based on the previous orders.
In bustling metro cities, we typically complete the process in approximately 4-6 weeks, while in more remote cities, it may take around 8-10 weeks to procure this valuable document.

Faqs for Delhi University

1) Marriage (Want Husband Sir Name)
2 ) Re Marriage (New Life With New Name)
3) Astrology Reasons (Guidance By Pandit Ji)
4) Religion Change (Due To Love Marriage)
5) Name Wrongly In Records (Due To Parents Mistake)
6) Spelling Errors (Typing Mistake By Gov)
7) Dissatisfaction With Names (Not Happy Wiyh Name)

1) Name Change Affidavit Will Help In Same Every One Have To Prepare A Name Change Affidavit With Mention Of Proper Specific Reason
2 ) Publish Newspaper Advertisement Will Do For You Every One Have To Do Name Change Announcement Should Be Published In All Major National Newspapers.
3) Notification In Government Gazette Will Guide You In Same The Name Change Notification Must Be Published In Indian Government Gazette
4) Need Your Old Name Id Means You Need To Provide Any Government Old Name Id Eg:- Addhar, Voter, Pan Etc
5) Digital Signature CD

Though Many People Dislike Their Names, Not Everyone Would Opt To Make Changes. They Just Hang On To Their Names Throughout Their Lives Mostly Because Either They May Not Know What Options Are Available Or They Think That The Procedure For Name Change Is Just Tedious And Tiresome. In Reality, Name Change Is Not That Bothersome, Especially When LegalDesk Is Around. Broadly Classified, The Procedure For Name Change Involves Only Three Steps:

Make An Affidavit For Change Of Name
Place Newspaper Advertisement With Details Of Change Of Name
Submit Papers To The Department Of Publication
To Change Name By Oneself, The First And Foremost Criteria To Be Met By A Name Change Applicant Is That He/She Should Be Over 18 Years Age. The Procedure Is Different For The Name Change Of A Minor. Here’s The Detailed Information About What One Needs To Do In Order To Change Name.

Create An Affidavit For Change Of Name

An Affidavit Is Required Explaining Why The Name Change Is Opted By The Person Who Is Making The Affidavit Besides Affirming These Details-

  1. Full Name Of The Applicant (Deponent)
  2. Father’s Name Or Husband’s Name (In Case Of Married Women)
  3. Full Residential Address
  4. A Declaration Stating That The Facts Provided In The Affidavit Are True And Correct

The Deponent Should Sign The Affidavit At The Recommended Place. It Should Be Attested By A Judicial Magistrate Or Notary Or An Oaths Commissioner.

Place An Advertisement In Newspaper

The Name Change Advertisement Must Be Placed In One Of The Leading Local Daily Newspapers With Accurate Details. The Advertisement Should Include The Old Name As Well As The New Name Of The Applicant, Applicant’s Full Residential Address, Name Of Witnessing/Attesting Authority Place And Date On Which The Affidavit Was Made. If The Applicant Is A Government Employee, He/She Can Submit A Deed For Change Of Name In Accordance With The Rules Stated In The Office Memorandum No. 19016/01/87 As Issued By The Ministry Of Home Affairs.

If The Applicant Is An Indian Living Abroad, Then He/She Should Submit Deed Duly Attested By The Indian Embassy Or Indian High Commission, In Original To The Authority.
Newspaper Ad Formats

The Format For Placing A Name Change Ad In Newspaper Is As Below- I, Aswak, R/O Devigudda, Haandi, Aldur(P), CHIKMAGALUR, Karnataka Have Changed My Name As Ashfaq-Ur-Rehaman Sworn In Front For Notary C. Srinivasa On 27/11/15.

Furnish Documents Required For Name Change

An Individual Looking To Change His/Her Name Has To Keep The Below Documents Ready For The Publication Of Change Of Name Advertisement In The Gazette Of India.

  1. An Affidavit Duly Signed By The Applicant And Attested By Judicial Magistrate/Notary.
  2. Original Newspaper In Which Name Change Ad Is Given.
  3. Prescribed Proforma (Should Be Computer Typed And Not Handwritten) With Signatures Of Applicant And Two Witnesses.
  4. A C.D. (Compact Disc) That Contains The Soft Copy (Typed Content, Not A Scanned Copy) Of The Application In MS Word Format. In The Place Of Signature Of Applicant, The Applicant’s Old Name Has To Be Given And Witness Details Need Not Be Included.
  5. A Certificate In Which The Applicant Declares That The Contents Included In Both Soft Copy And Hard Copy Are Similar. The Applicant Should Duly Sign The Certificate.
  6. Two Passport Size Photographs, Both Self-Attested By The Applicant.
  7. A Photocopy Of A Valid ID Proof, Self Attested By The Applicant.
  8. A Request Letter Along With The Requisite Fee As Per The Authority.
Apply For Change Of Name In Gazette

The Documents Listed Above, Printing Charges Along With A Forwarding Letter Should Be Submitted To The Controller Of Publications, Department Of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054. The Papers Have To Be Submitted Either Personally Or Shall Be Sent By Post/Courier To The Department.

Please Note That The Documents Should Not Be More Than A Year Old And Also Be Aware Of The Fact That Once Submitted, The Documents Either Original Or Photocopy, Shall Not Be Returned Under Any Circumstances. So, It Is Advised That The Applicants Keep Extra Copies Of Every Document For Their Personal Reference. The Printing Charges Are Different For An Applicant Residing In India And For The One Who Is An Indian Living Abroad.

If A Person Belonging To One Religion Wishes To Take A Name Of Another Religion, Without Changing The Religion, Then He/She Will Have To Provide An Affidavit Declaring That He/She Has Not Changed The Religion. The Affidavit Should Be Duly Signed By Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). The Printing Charges Of Advertising In Gazette Varies In Such A Case Too. Once The Application Is Received, The Documents Will Be Checked By The Concerned Persons Of The Department. And After Confirming That The Application Is Complete In All Aspects, It Will Be Sent For Notification To The Respective Govt. Of India Press. It Usually Takes Around One Or Two Months For Name Change Ad To Appear In The Gazette Publication Part IV. An Electronic Copy Shall Be Made Available For Download At The Digital Directory Of The Gazette Of India. A Copy Of The Name Change Notification In Gazette Of India Will Be Sent To Your Residential Address By Post, By The Authority.


(Based On The Responses, Affidavit, Proforma And Advertisement Will Be Drafted) Information Required From The Applicant
1. Full Name (Old):
2. Full Name (New):
3. Reason For Name Change:
4. Occupation:
5. Date Of Birth:
6.Father/Spouse Name
Information Required From Witnesses Witness 1
1. Full Name: 2. Address: 3. Mobile/ Phone No.:
Witness 2
1. Full Name: 2. Address: 3. Mobile/ Phone No.:


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